Privacy Policy

WARNING: Every customer who is a member of our website, creates an order and makes a payment, or has received any service on our website, directly or indirectly, is deemed to have read and accepted all the articles of our sales contract below, without any further notice.

1.1. sells services for a fee. No rights are claimed on any brand on the site.
1.2. All products and services on the site are delivered digitally.
1.3. There are no physical products on the site.
1.4. reserves the right to change all content on the site. By using the site, you accept and declare that cannot be held responsible for such features.
1.5. offers individuals exclusive access to use registered services.
1.6. does not transfer the use of the content on its site under any circumstances, unless it gives written permission. Descriptions, Prices, brand values, logos and other information may not be downloaded, stored or copied under any circumstances, including but not limited to.
1.7. does not speak directly to Riot Games. Likewise, no rights are claimed on the games, including the services on the site.

1.1.2. may request some personal information from you for security purposes in your payments.
1.1.3. reserves the right to refuse payments unnecessarily.
1.1.4. In order for the money to be accepted as payment to us, a payment notification must be made through our site. Payment notification service will not be provided without payment notification.
1.1.5. reserves the ability to make changes in payment methods without seeking user permission.

1.2.1. You can claim your money back for digital products and services. However, the realization of the refund is at the sole discretion of
1.2.2. However, if the purchased service is not delivered within the specified period or is incomplete following the payment, the user can request a refund within 24 hours by contacting live support or e-mail.
1.2.3. Without’s notice, every request for a refund will be promptly terminated and no refund will be made in any way.
1.2.4. In the event that related structures are withdrawn with a refund request, may take legal action, block the access of the user account or apply the solutions it deems appropriate.

2.1. Buyer liability;
2.1.1. Recommendations of data from stock products or live chat contact advisors before paying buyers.
2.1.2. Unless there is a problem with, buyers cannot request a refund, except for Bank Transfer or EFT payments.
2.1.3. By accepting that he has read the information on the product, the buyer agrees to make purchases voluntarily.
2.1.4. The buyer accepts and declares that he/she has purchased the product and that he/she has all responsibility from the moment of purchase.
2.2. User files;
2.2.1. To gain access to user accounts. cannot be held responsible for possible problems with account security. reserves the right to use without explanation, reserves the right to terminate, edit or delete the account.
2.2.2. Users stay away from features such as Cashback slots, fraud, aggression, malicious shopping, copyright use, including damage.
2.2.3. By using the user services, they are deemed to have accepted the risks and consequences of the results they purchase. Possible delays in the purchase of the service, such as incorrect information or lack of detail provided by the user, insufficient results and price differences are the responsibility of the users.
2.2.4.Users, Live Support, discord and other communication ways; offensive, humiliating, humiliating, offending, etc. transactions related to transactions arising from behavior. In the event of the aforementioned actions, reserves the right to terminate the service without any explanation and not to charge any fees.

2.3. Third Party Terms of Use
2.3.1. By purchasing an account as a user, you are under your responsibility for the security of using the League of Legends Terms of Use Agreement and as a result of all parts of its authority, you consider that you have not accepted and declared any responsibility of
2.3.2. With regard to the provisions of the League of Legends Terms of Use Agreement, they will also have any admin or other rights in their own provisions, and also all rights in the account belong solely to Riot Games and the results will prevail and the results will be for the benefit of Riot Games only. and confirmation propaganda.

3.1. Users have the right to use the live support service on our site at any time.
3.2. Users have the right to preserve the service they are purchasing and to store information.
3.3. Site upload support for users’ copyright claims.